Sen. Dick Barrett & Sen. Mike Phillips ~ Clifton Youmans PhD ~ Jason Mark & Sierra Magazine ~ Andres Haladay & ~ Yale and The Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle


To: Jason Mark

Editor in Chief ~ Sierra Magazine



~ Climate Change is Real ~

I do not Deny Climate Change

while I am called the Denier by Climate Religion

as the Sierra Club is all about Real Money and zero Real Science

as they reject proven fact tested knowledge for their Political Media True Belief

with out Question or Debate

for the sake of their Political agenda that is doing test proven harm to the Environment

costing Trillions to do only Harm and zero Good to the cause of all the Green

on this Carbon based Earth

as you state you are for the cause of Green when doing very test proven Harm

proving you failed Grade School Science

as you reject the scientific method for your True Belief you refuse to Question or Debate

as you do not want to learn to then ~ know ~ and grow forward in tested Reality




for the scientific proof

Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming of this Carbon based Earth


Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide


water vapor causing the first atmosphere

causing the Carbon Cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

causing all of Nature

causing all of the Green

causing all the Food we eat and all the Oxygen we breathe

causing all Carbon based Life and Energy on this Carbon based Earth


Farmer Jason,

as you state the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth is: Pollution

proving again you failed grade school science

proving you are not a Scientists of the Scientific Method

because you reject fact tested knowledge for your Political Hearsay True Belief

as the Sierra Club is a Political Body not a Science Body

while you have ~ zero ~ background in Atmospheric Emission Science or Climate Science

beyond what you are told to Politically just believe

while you have ~ earned ~ zero right to scientific opinion

in science you do not comprehend

science you can not articulate or debate or prove

as you can not support your bogus public statements with real scientific reference

as I have been sending reward offers to the Sierra Club for your scientific references

that will prove Humans cause Climate Warming

many more times than I can count since 2007

and you can prove nothing with real science

beyond your Political Media Hearsay True Belief


Jason, You and the Sierra Club are test proven Lairs

Preaching and Selling your Political Paranoid Snake Oil to the Public

that is doing real test proven Harm to real Nature



I challenge you to an open public debate in real climate science

science proving you are a test proven Fraud in Science

~ now prove you are not ~

and when you refuse to debate your science

this proves your so called science is not real

and if the Sierra Club can not Debate or Prove the Science they are Preaching to the Public

as Scientific Fact

then the Sierra Club is not Real and are proven Frauds in science they do not comprehend

as you Preach your

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

based on

self-debunk prediction

based on

Flawed Incomplete Debunk Garbage Political Science Fiction

based on one very small fragment of all Climate Science

and one fragment of all knowledge can not and does not Define Climate Science

or Debunk a dozen Climate Variables or all of Climate History

that does further debunk your True Belief in self-debunk un-proven theory

proving you are Preachers and not a real Scientists

as you reject the scientific method for your Political Paranoid True Belief

in self-debunk computer Ouija Board prediction


the test proven frauds in science who have publicly failed grade school science

who reject proven fact tested knowledge

to preach their Lunatic Paranoid Political Religion

that is doing real test proven harm to the Carbon Cycle

and to this Carbon based Earth

~ dictate science ~

while you just ignore over 9,000 PhD’s who disagree with you

and you refuse to Publicly Debate


your science is not science

test proving

it is political media paranoid climate religion based on self-debunk prediction

as your Climate Religion is reducing the cause of all the Green

while reducing oxygen levels in the air and turning underground water into an Acid

because you just believe the cause of all the Green on this carbon based Earth

is: Toxic Pollution and causes Warming

when the Opposite is proven to be fact tested knowledge

as you call yourself a Farmer while you Hate the cause of all Green and all Life

because you failed Grade School Science you refuse to debate

because you do not want to ~ know ~

you want to make believe in and preach your Paranoia based on self-debunk prediction

based on flawed incomplete so called science

test proving to the real world of real science you are a Lunatic in Science


a Real Scientist does not reject test proven fact for Lunatic Political Agenda for Profit


Dr. Bruce A. Kershaw

40 plus years

Atmospheric Emission Science Physics and Chemistry

with ongoing Climate Science Investigation since the spring of 2007

~ proving ~

Political Media Fraud in Climate Science

~ vs ~

your zero years

beyond your

Political Media ~ Brainwashed ~ True Belief


Sierra Club is a Political Media Church

Promoting test proven Harm to the Environment

for the Sake of ~ their ~ True Belief based on zero fact

test proving

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

dictates science

with zero scientific reference

and you will continue to ignore test proven fact for your political religion

and continue to Preach your Political Religion just as you have been doing for many years

test proving it is a

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion


Real Science

~ * ~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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