The Religion of Science is Skepticism of True Belief in Science



Our email debate began on the morning of January 1, 2011

my last email from Joe was March 30, 2017 ~ 10:04 pm

stating he is going to put me back on his Junk filter

as he has done before

~ and to update that statement ~

Joe Berry and I have exchanged many more emails since the previous statement

so my last email from Joe was 4/4/17 6:48 am

as I have just replied 4/4/17 10:08 am

and again later in the day

as I have many Questions for Joe he can not Answer

as Joe believes and states CO2 Traps Heat



one of my many Questions is:

How does something the size of a sewing thread

trap heat in something the size of a football field ?


the earth is not in a Greenhouse where heat can be trapped

as heat in the atmosphere does in fact escape the atmosphere

while knowing ~ all ~ heat still rises

with -200* air with frozen CO2 = Dry Ice and water vapor

crashing back to the Poles of this carbon based Earth

more than off-setting the heat rising

as Joe’s science does not incorporate this knowledge or many other variables

he continues to ignore for his faith in self-debunk prediction

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

and when Joe tells me I don’t know what I talking about

I prove he is the one who doesn’t know what he talking about

as he continues to not know what he is talking about

and I remember the first time Joe told me I did not know what I was talking about


I stated to Joe tens of thousands of working Scientists disagreed with him

and Joe did not believe me and that was B/S

so I sent Joe this

over 9000 PhD’s

of over 30,000 Scientists

this does not include the 49 NASA Scientist

or 86.5% of the National Academy of Science  who did not sign a letter

that Joe and only 13.5% of the NAS did sign in support of Joe’s Climate Religion Science

and then again Joe did not believe me

when I told him again today the Oceans are falling not rising

~  Joe must be getting his science information from the same place the Lunatics are

from the Political Media ~

so I Googled Sea level falling and sent it to Joe

proving Joe and Stanford U are not well informed in the science they are Preaching

as Joe and his climate religion have been Preaching the Oceans are rising

when in test proven science the Oceans are declining for the past 7 years now

and of course if your so called science is based on faith in prediction of the unknown future

based on un-proven theory

then why waste your time cheeking to see if your predictions are true

as Climate Religion continues to state to the world the Oceans are rising

while this is far more than just a Lie it is Fraud in Science

as Joe Preaches to his students test proven Garbage based on zero Reality

as I continue to prove  Joe he is full of B/S every time he states I am full of B/S

while Joe still can not answer very import Questions related to the Real Science

and of course it is not possible for something the size of a sewing thread to trap heat

in something the size of a football field

and of course ~ all ~ Heat still rises including hot CO2

as frozen air continues to ~  still ~ take its place at the poles

but Joe’s Faith does not allow him to except this fact

when predicting the un-known future

along with many other facts he just ignores for his Faith

and this is just one of the many reasons why

Climate Religion refuses to Publicly debate the real science

as Joe the expert in Climate Science

did not know the sea level has been declining for the past 7 years

along with many other facts he stated to me are B/S

that I have proven are not B/S


the real B/S is ignoring knowledge for true belief in self-debunk prediction

and then continue to preach your self-debunk prediction is happening

while preaching your ~ un-proven theory ~ is test proven fact

as this is continued ignored fraud not science

as Joe does not know more than he knows in Earth Science

for the sake of his Faith

as Joe’s science references are faith in un-proven theory not fact

that he states is fact

as those who look can see

while those who refuse to look can see nothing beyond ~ their ~ true belief

and are repeatedly proven wrong


 Joe tells me the science has been debated

so I guess most of the Scientific community was not invited to this debate

as in Joes mind the science is settled and there is nothing more to debate


Science is never settled in the Scientific method

as there is something new to learn everyday

and anyone stating the science is settled based on faith in self-debunk prediction

based on un-proven theory they are stating is test proven fact

is a fool

as the Debate never ends in real science

as most University’s today are Preaching Political Science fiction

for the sake of their true belief in debunk un-proven theory

while ignoring the proven simple ~ Hard ~ science facts

and proven science history

as the ignored history of science had debunk the un-proven Theory

being stated today as test proven fact

un-proven theory further debunk by Nature

facts ignored today by True Faith in self-debunk un-proven theory

while Joe’s Science Good or Bad

does not prove we Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

as Joe’s science is just one half of one fragment of knowledge

in an infinity of climate variable caused by a dozen plus known variables

~ that I know of ~

in this brand new un-tested science that can never be settled in real science

as Joe’s Faith prevents him from learning something new and growing forward


and what I have Learned from Joe Berry and many others

is how to Insult and Belittle someone

as most of the PhD’s I have Communicated with since beginning my Investigation in 2007

and questioned


their response to my Questions continue to be

Name Calling and Insults and Belittlement as their Scientific Rebuttal

as they could not answer any of my real science questions

or provide real science beyond only their True Belief

in un-proven theory

to support their public statements

while Joe Berry has provided more communication on this subject matter than the others


~ Rejecting test proven Fact for your true Belief ~

? Is this Science or Religion ?


Hearsay Make Believe is not Science

and Preaching Hearsay Make Believe as Science to the unknowing Public

is Fraud in Science


Joe Berry

Stanford University

has put a lot of Faith in his Science

and Faith is Religion not Science

as science is: to know

and when Blinded by your Faith you can not see the Tested Reality


Joe along with some other Scientists do not acknowledge any science that goes against

Their True Faith

~ as ~

The Math on the Chalkboard

based only on ~ one half  ~ of one climate variable may work in a Laboratory

but did not work in real Nature when you add a dozen known variables by real Nature

providing an Infinity of Climate Variable

variables not in the Math on the Chalkboard

or in a very Controlled Laboratory  Environment

as the incomplete science Failed when put to the real test of real Nature

as ~ one half ~ of one fragment of all climate knowledge

does not define all climate knowledge

or debunk a dozen climate variables or all of climate history

that has further debunk the self-debunk incomplete science

while the other one half of that one climate variable

is stated by Climate Religion to be

~ Irrelevant ~

and is the very proven cooling Factor by – 200 * Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice

crashing back to the Poles of this Carbon based Earth

as all Heat ~ still ~ Rises

as heat ~ can ~ be trapped in a Greenhouse

but the Earth is not in a Greenhouse

as heat can not be trapped in the Earths Atmosphere

as Energy and Heat do in fact escape the Atmosphere

as all Heat ~ still ~ Rises

and the Dry Ice crashing back toward the poles is more than off-setting the hot CO2 rising

stated to be Irrelevant

along with a dozen other climate variables

and all of climate history

all further debunking the incomplete science


while some of the true believes state it is happening when it is not

while the other true believers tell us it is going to happen just give it more time

and then you will see it happen

~ while in reality ~

Water vapor and CO2 is the by product of warming not the cause of warming

when you incorporate all the known variables

the warming occurs first then the water vapor and CO2 levels rise

making this carbon based Earth Greener

making the carbon cycle stronger and healthier


while their over all climate science is backwords

as the true believers only pick the knowledge that supports their True Faith

as only the warming factors can be in their True Faith

while the cooling factors do not exist in their True Faith

with only the warming factors being used

to predict the unknown future climate of this carbon based earth

with their Ouija Board Computers predicting the un-known future

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

as prediction is not science

with their political Faith climate predictions providing only Fear and Paranoia

of the unknown future to the unknowing true believers

who just believe what they are told to just believe

by the test proven Political Media Liars and Frauds of Garbage Science


In the Scientific Community

Human caused Climate Warming is a Hypothetical Conjecture = unproven theory

there is nothing beyond un-proven theory to prove Humans cause climate warming

and anyone Preaching to the Public Humans cause Climate Warming

and Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide is: Pollution

are test proven Lairs and Frauds in Science

who ignore fact for ~ their ~ True Faith


I call them Pathological Frauds as they truly believe their Political Media Lies

while rejecting test proven fact


Joe has a 13.5% consensus not 97% consensus with his Peers

of the National Academy of Sciences

based only on ~ their ~ True Belief and zero fact

as they can provide zero fact to support their true belief

as most of the 13.5%

have no back ground in Atmospheric Emission Science or Climate Science

as only 13.5 % of the Nation Academy of Sciences signed a public Letter

stating Humans cause climate change

while the other 86.5 % of the Scientists of the NAS did not sign the letter

while 13.5 % of those who did sign the letter outsourced any and all Questions

be answered on their behalf to proven to be Fraudulent Politically based Websites

~ that are not science body’s ~

providing proven to be Fraudulent misinformation to the Public

to Journalist and Politicians and the U.S. Congress

as they are allowed to Preach their Political Media Agenda

full of test proven Political Media Lies

with zero Public Scientific Rebuttal or Public Science Debate

as the 13.5 % of the NAS are part of a Fraudulent Political Science Fiction Agenda

ignoring the real science while ignoring the Political Frauds

who are speaking on their behalf

as they are all True Believers Preaching their Garbage Political Science fiction

as their True Faith is doing real test proven Harm to Real Nature

costing Trillions

as they refuse to Publicly Debate the real science


Preaching and Brainwashing and Dictating ~ their ~ Political Garbage Science Fiction

based on

True Belief

as they can answer not one of my many Questions in real science they refuse to debate


Preaching and Brainwashing

to the Carbon based Humans of this Carbon based Earth

the cause of all Carbon based Life is: Toxic Pollution

and Carbon based Humans do in fact cause Climate Warming

beyond unproven theory

is test proven Fraud in Real Science


Stating very known test proven climate facts are Irrelevant in climate science is not science

~ rejecting fact for faith is: Religion

~ rejecting fact for true belief in self-debunk prediction is: Lunatic Religion

and stating Humans cause climate change based only on

Hypothetical Conjecture = unproven Theory is: a Proven Lie

Hypothetical Conjecture based on a proven to be very flawed incomplete climate study

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable of a dozen plus known climate variables

while ignoring all climate history further debunking the flawed incomplete study

and then using an outdated incomplete debunk science paper as scientific proof

and then continue to Preach one thing when the opposite is proven to be true

this is True Faith rejecting Fact for True Faith

providing this Carbon based World with

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion


Climate Change is Real

while Real Science has debunk the unproven Theory

and the Political Media Agenda of very proven Hearsay Lies


Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming


Man Made

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

as CO2 with water vapor caused the first atmosphere

causing the

Carbon Oxygen Hydrogen Cycle

causing all of the Green

and all Carbon based Life

on this Carbon based Earth


CO2 is stated to be Toxic Pollution by Climate Religion

while Plants and Trees want 4 times more CO2 to breathe than in the Air today

to be strong and healthy to be the the carbon based food we eat

while making the all the oxygen we breathe


The Human body is 20% Carbon made from CO2

exhaling CO2 for plants and trees to breathe

to make the oxygen we breathe

part of the carbon cycle


all of the Lungs on this carbon based Earth produce more CO2 than all the Cars


Sue me Joe

so I can prove you are a test proven Fraud

caused by your True Faith

Pathological ~ or ~ Not

as you refuse to look and see beyond your True Faith

as there is zero Faith in Real Science of the Scientific Method

and just Ignoring fact tested reality does not make it go away ~

ignoring a dozen climate variables

and all of climate history

all further debunking your True Belief

in a flawed incomplete study

based on a debunk Hypothetical Conjecture = unproven Theory

as true belief in ~ one half ~ of one climate variable does not define climate science

and does not prove Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

with Man Made Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

and Blind Faith can not

~ Reverse ~

self-debunk Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction of the unknown future

as you continue to deny fact for make believe

as your test proven Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion calls me the Denier

while Refusing to Publicly Debate the Real Science

nor can they prove their science is real beyond their True Belief in unproven Theory

they state is test proven fact

while doing test proven harm to Nature costing trillions of dollars


True Faith

~ in ~

what if

maybe ~ and ~ likely

have been debunk by Fact tested Reality you just Ignore


what if ~ maybe ~ likely

is not science

and Brainwashing Carbon based Humans to just Believe

proves nothing in real science

and debunk un-proven Theory is Garbage not Science

and only Garbage Science has to Preached ~ Brainwashed and Dictated

by a Political Media Agenda by Committing test proven Fraud in Science

~ Joe ~

when only 13.5 % of the Scientists of the National Academy of Sciences

most of whom have no back ground in the Science

support you and the science you are selling

~ is not ~

a Scientific Consensus

and when you need proven to be Fraudulent Political Media Snake Oil Salesman

to sell your Science you refuse to Publicly Explain and be Questioned or Publicly Debate

~ is not ~


Proven Fact Tested Knowledge of the Scientific Method

faith can not debunk knowledge

as knowledge has debunk your Faith

and ignoring knowledge for debunk Faith is not Science

and Test Proven Political Media Lies are  still Test Proven Lies

regardless of your Faith

as Heated CO2 still rises while Frozen CO2 = Dry Ice still take its place

while more Heat and Energy has escaped the Atmosphere

through the variable Ozone Hole caused by variable solar activity than ~ Predicted ~

as True Faith in Prediction is: not knowledge or real science


True Belief in self-debunk prediction is: ?


and how does something smaller than the size of a sewing thread

down the middle of the fifty yard line of a football field

~ as that would be the equivalent to the percentage of CO2 in the air caused by humans ~

Trap Heat

in something the size of a football field ?

while all heat ~ still ~ rises

as your Chalkboard Math for one half of one Climate Variable

is one very small fragment of all climate knowledge

and does not define all climate science


Prove Carbon based Humans cause Climate Warming

of this Carbon based Earth

with the cause of the carbon cycle and all carbon based life

Carbon based Oxygen = CO2 = Carbon dioxide

that your Climate Religion states is = Pollution

as your Climate Religion is doing test proven Harm to Real Nature

for the sake of your True Faith costing Trillions of real dollars

and makes no sense

as we add 4 times the CO2 level to Greenhouses

proving your are a test proven Lunatic in science





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Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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