The Religion of Science is Skepticism of True Belief in Science



March 21, 2017

Bent Shoe ~ Astor Load

Scratchgravel Hills

Helena ~ Montana


Carbon ~ based ~ Earth


the expected predicted high for today is 52*

the record high for today was 71* in 1910

the record low was -11* below zero in 1913


The only fences in science are the politics of true belief blocking knowledge

and if you are not a true skeptic you are not a true Scientist


I keep Hoping

someone will take me to a Court of Law

to Sue me

for calling them a Fraud in Climate Science

so I can Prove it in a Court of Law

but the test proven Frauds in Climate Science will not Sue me

for repeatedly calling them test proven Frauds everyday

maybe because the Supreme Court of the State of Montana


Climate Religions

Computer Ouija Board Climate Prediction of the Unknown Future

does not prove Carbon based Humans cause climate warming

or maybe because

49 NASA Scientists disagree with Climate Religion

or maybe because

over 9000 PhD’s

of over 30,000 Scientists just in the USA

disagree with Climate Religion

~ as ~

Political Media Lunatic Religion continues to dictate Science

based on zero scientific method

as true faith blocks the truth in tested reality


This is a continued series of attacks on those who publicly Preach

~ their ~

True Belief Humans cause Climate Warming

and can not prove it with real science of the scientific method

as Climate Change is Real


Climate Science ~ vs ~ Climate Religion


~ in a state of paranoia ~

based on zero tested knowledge

they took away the part of the air that plants and trees need to breathe

because someone with zero back ground in science

who can not articulate science

who has Publicly proven they failed Grade School Science

who has earned zero right to any scientific opinion

who is a test proven Lair in science

who is making a very large fortune in a proven to be

Fraudulent world wide Carbon credit Scheme

told them what Plants and Trees want more of to Breathe

is: Toxic Pollution and is over heating this carbon based earth

~ so ~

they just believed what they were told to just believe

with zero Scientific Proof zero Scientific Question

and zero Scientific Rebuttal and zero Scientific Debate

while 98% of the CO2 going into the air is not caused by Carbon based Humans

it is caused by Nature causing the Carbon cycle

as the Ice continues to melt from the top and bottom side and move during ice ages too ~

while this warming period with Little and Mini Ice ages along the way began 18,000 years

with large numbers of People starving to death during these Little and Mini Ice ages

and if Ice did not melt the Sea level would decline up to six feet per year from evaporation

as the variable Sun with many cycles continues to be warmer and brighter

while evaporating water vapor and CO2 from the Oceans

causing the carbon cycle with oxygen and hydrogen

the CO2 from billions of years of ongoing Volcanic activity below Seal level

causing the carbon cycle in the Oceans while Acidifying the Oceans over billions of years

while causing ~ all ~ the Green on this Carbon based Earth above Seal level

for the past 600 million years

until one day the variable Sun with many cycles Vaporizes this Carbon based Earth

and then

all knowledge and this carbon based earth will cease to exist


….when you remove true belief from science then you can see the fact tested reality ~

while those who can not admit they are wrong in tested reality

because they refuse to see beyond their true belief

are not real scientists of the scientific method

as they will not allow them self to learn something new or old and grow forward

with fact tested reality

for the sake of ~ their ~ true belief ~ ignoring tested reality

as there is zero Faith or True Belief in tested knowledge


we can not control nature we can only watch nature as nature controls us

as we have been moving to higher ground for the past 26,000 years

as nature was here long before you and me causing you and me

as nature will be here long after we are gone

as we know 75,000 years ago

a Supper Volcano reduced the number of breeding woman on this Carbon based Earth

to about 15

and we know this from our DNA Funnel

as mass extinctions will continue to happen for many reasons

caused by the Nature of this growing universe where everything is a progressive variable

~ so ~

Lets not spend Trillions to harm the cause of Nature

as we are now doing today

Lets spend Trillions to end the cause of Hunger

Lets spend Trillions to clean up the on going Nuclear Pollution

doing on going test proven harm everyday to the living today

and then thoes who are still living tomorrow will have a better place to be


A Pathological Fraud in Science

is someone who continues to Truly Believe and Preach Carbon based Humans

cause climate warming of this Carbon based Earth

based on their true belief in self-debunk computer Ouija Board climate prediction

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

while stating the dozen plus other climate variables that further debunk their true belief

and millions of years of climate history that further debunk their true belief

are ~ Irrelevant ~ in their climate science

providing this carbon based Earth where everything has carbon in it with

Political Media ~ Paranoid ~ Climate Religion

based on a flawed incomplete debunk so called climate study

as they state the cause of all the Green on this Carbon based Earth is: Toxic Pollution

and we need to pump it in the ground as fast as we can

as we spend trillions of dollars doing test proven harm to real Nature

based on their Pathological Fraudulent True Belief in test proven to be Garbage Science


science is: to know

and prediction is not knowledge

prediction of the unknown future is make believe

as Prediction can only provide fear and paranoia based on belief in the unknown

as true belief in self-debunk prediction is Lunatic Religion not Science

and computer climate prediction of the unknown future

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

is known in the Scientific community as Ouija Board Science

as the Majority of the Scientific community have zero voice in the Media

because they are not True Believers in self-debunk Ouija Board computer Prediction

and do not Believe the cause of the Carbon cycle causing all of the Green

and all Carbon based Life on this Carbon based Earth

with ~ zero ~ Color Taste or Smell is: Toxic Pollution

and they do not believe we should spend trillions of dollars to harm the carbon cycle

by pumping CO2 into the ground

lowering oxygen levels in the air while turning underground water into Acid

while knowing Plants and Trees need more CO2 not less CO2 to Breathe

while the media will allow only Lunatic Political Religion to have a voice in the media

as the media will not allow any public scientific rebuttal or debate of any kind

as Lunatic Political Religion continues to Dictate Science

based on zero scientific method


Paranoid True Belief in self-debunk Ouija Board Computer Climate Prediction

of the unknown future

based on ~ one half ~ of one climate variable

~ proves ~

nothing in real Science of the scientific method

and test proven fraud is test proven fraud

as climate religion just ignores the test proven Fraud

and a dozen other climate variables

and climate history


Climate Change is not a Hoax

Climate Religion is a test proven Hoax

and true faith in debunk ~ what if ~ proves nothing in real science

while true faith in debunk ~ what if ~ is doing test proven harm to Nature

and reminds me of Bloodletting to cure all illness and disease

during the Black Plague we caused by Killing all Cats

because we believed the Cats were Evil

and then we had lots of Rats with lots of Flees

Killing the People

and of course the bloodletting did not cure the Infectious Disease

we caused by Killing the Cats

as we just ~ believed ~ the Cats were Evil

as True Belief can only prevent us from knowing ~

while doing real Harm



About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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