I am voting for ~


~ YES ~


and as stated by National Geographic in 2008

 we have wasted over ~ 2 ~ Trillion Dollars on a Drug War

on a Drug Provided by Nature

that has done Good for many People

while those who oppose it ~ are for ~ Organized Crime Controlling it

instead of Regulating and Taxing it

like Alcohol and Cigarettes

and allowing We the People to have our right and our freedom

to choose

what is best for our Life while hurting no one

instead of someone else’s belief dictating their belief to all

and continuing to spend Trillions of our tax payer dollars on a War that can not be won

plus the cost of Court Time and Court appointed Attorneys

and the cost of incarceration of non-violent People

while doing only harm to Family’s their Community’s and Society

as it is time to end the Government Prohibition on the Will of We the ~ were ~ Free People

as we live in this Fascist Tyranny of the Hypocritical few

~ who tells us ~

they want to get the Government out of our Life

and then do the exact opposite for the sake of ~ their ~ personal feelings of true belief

based on zero fact

as we are only allowed to know and believe what they make believe

while maybe they have never read the Constitution or the Bill of Rights

as they continue to take away Rights from We the People

and what would that wasted 2 trillion do for our Local Education system

as we should Tax Cannabis and use the money to better educate our children

instead of over crowding our jails with non- violent people

where they can become very educated my professional criminals

and then be returned to society

when we should be helping people

not further hurting people who have many different forms of pain and suffering

who are doing zero harm to others or to them self

as fact tested reality is based fact tested knowledge

not belief in make believe based only in fear with zero science

as belief in fear is a feeling not tested reality

as we can not base our Laws on feelings of belief in fear

as we are governed by those who live in feelings of fear while ignoring tested reality

as we are governed by fear with zero reality

as Political Media Religion continues to control our Lives

as they continue to ignore and live in fear of reality

~ of ~

The Will of  We the People

Bruce A. Kershaw

Helena ~ Montana

Doctor Honor ~ October 8, 2011

for my 40 plus years of work in science


~ * ~



I agree with President General George Washington

Political Party’s would be a Mistake

and as history has proven many times over again

George was right

as the Political Party’s are to busy fighting each other

to do what is good and best and right


We the People

as Politicians play both sides of a fence

when there should be no fence

while Politicians setting on the fence do nothing

while those taking sides are only clones to true Party belief


they do not know beyond their true belief in someone else’s belief

because Political Party’s are Political Religions based on True Belief

as I agree with our Constitution and the Separation of Church and State

as Political Party’s are not a State

Political party’s are a Church of True Political Media cloned Belief

for Power and Greed based on zero science

as Political Party’s are Corporations

~ entity’s ~

with zero conscience with zero soul


a Real Person

Alive and Breathing

with a Heart Mind and Spirit Living with in a real Soul

as a very small handful of Political Believers called the Electoral Collage

will decide for you and me

or maybe the Supreme Court will decide for you and me

based on belief

~ not ~

you and me based on what we know and what we see

as I am for tested reality

and not for test proven make believe

while Laws today are based on Hearsay and True Belief

and not tested reality

as those who state they want government out of our lives

then force their true belief into law

as they are true Hypocrites

dictating what we can and can not do

and what we can and can not know

based only on ~ their ~ true belief and zero fact

as someone else’s belief controls you and me

allowing us to have zero facts or belief of our own

as the handful of those who own and control the Political Media Religions

own and control We the People

as they un-do Ballot Issues passed and made law by the will of We of the People

as this is something ISIS would do

as the handful Hypocrites now dictate what freedom is

and not you and me = We the People

as I will live in freedom

no matter what they do to me


I do not and will not Live and believe in ~ their ~ Fascist make believe

~ Peace ~

~ *~


About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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