~ oh Buster Dog ~


~ * ~

We rescued Buster when he was about 7 months old

he was about 12 now

that’s about 84 in doggy years

but Buster stayed the same happy puppy he was born

everyday of his life

we called Buster Hoppity Hooper because he would dance and prance

everyday every time when we came home

and Puppy Bear

because he looked like a 100 pound Baby Bear

and when Buster wanted your attention  he would keep poking you with his nose

and then dance and prance and talk with out barking in his very deep voice

and sometimes snorted like Bull and then Howled

if you tried to leave him alone

~ while yesterday morning Buster was

the very same happy healthy strong loving playful puppy dog he always was everyday

and then his old heart starting giving out

he was gone in just a few minutes maybe six

as we were so very thankful for that ~

as we were so thankful we were here when it happened

so Buster was not alone

I just got home from the Hardware store and picking up the news paper

and saw Buster Breathing Hard at the top of the driveway

like he always does

after chasing a Bunny Rabbit or Treeing a Squirrel

or after chasing

Antelope, Deer, Elk


Nose to Nose

with a Coyote as I have seen before

or running from a Wolf

being chased by Mountain Lion

the Mountain Lion Killing the Wolf near our Yard

while days later the Mountain Lion killing five wolves near the mail boxes

while Buster only wanted to Play Hard

Buster did not Hunt to Kill

while the next thing I know

Buster is coming through the doggy door to see us as his heart was giving out

then fell to the floor as we new it was his time

and with out making a sound while breathing very hard

Buster then got up one last time and went back to the doggy door

so I helped him out so he could be out side one last time at one of his favorite spots

as he laid down one last time outside the back door

as we could see in his eyes as he looked in our eyes the life he shared with us

then we covered Buster with a beach towel

then as be prepared Busters Burial

Hemi came over and lied next to Buster then Nitro too as we Buried Buster


Buster lived to be outdoors

we called him the Weather Dog too

as he always sat outside watching all the weather storms coming and going of all kinds

Buster would sit in the Rain watching the Lighting

and in the falling snow facing the storm with his ears floppy in the wind

as he sat so proud to be alive

while Hemi and Nitro would run and hide somewhere in the house


Buster did nothing but love

while teaching us how

Buster will never be gone

he will always be in our souls

always reminding us how to love

and to be so proud to be so happy to be alive


~ until Buster came along ~

I never thought I could love and learn so much from a Dog ~


Oh Buster Dog

you lived in the wild

while being so loving and tame

as you are with us now and always

as the world is now more quite

now that you are here and gone

while you showed us how to live and love and still be strong

without hurting a soul

as I can see your Doggy Best Friends

they miss you Buster so very much too




About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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