The Worst Road to Everywhere


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May 28, 2015


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…letter to the Editor

of the Helena

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Greg Lemon


~ The Worst Road to Everywhere ~

To: The

Helena City & Lewis and Clark County




The State of Montana

in regards to the

Trails West Project

at the intersection of

Joslyn Street ~ Leslie Avenue


Country Club Drive

where all the

Mega Loads

Over Size Loads

Extra Wide Loads

Extra Tall Loads

Large and Small Buildings


big and small

Over Size Construction Equipment

Convoys of Weekend Worriers

Convoys of the full time Montana National Guard

Over Size Military Equipment

with and with out the Military Convoys

with and without the Weekend Worriers

from here


from as far away as the

West Cost to the East Cost

that pass through

Helena Montana


~ must go ~

through this intersection

to get through Helena


To improve flow for the community as a whole

to increase Public Safety and avoid increased Congestion and Confusion

at this very busy and very Dangerous Intersection

~ I would ~

put shoulders and side walks on the existing roadways

benefiting everyone

and not the City Commissioners Plan

that could include a Round About in the Future

that would only benefit the few ~ the few who would only increase the dysfunction

of this already very dangerous Intersection

that has been very neglected by the local governments for over thirty plus years

~ This Road To ~


very used short cut to the

Lincoln Community

Rogers Pass

Black Foot River

Flesher Pass

Stemple Pass

Priest Pass

Canyon Creek Community

Marysville Community

Great Divide Ski Area

Silver City Community

by way of

Birdseye Community

Austin Community and Mullan Pass Road

Birdseye Scratch Gravel ~ Echo Drive Recreation Area

where I live and drive from and to everyday since 1999

used for

Hunting ~ Hiking ~ Biking ~ Horse Back Riding and Public Events

Fort Harrison Military Complex and Fort Harrison Veterans Hospital

Head Lane Scratch Gravel Community

World Famous Archie Bray Foundation

Green Meadow Golf Course

Spring Meadow Lake State Park

and all the other Recreational and Wood Cutting areas between Helena and Lincoln

~ this paved over ~

Wagon ~ Trail

that has no base or shoulders to even change a Flat Tire on

that has no Guard Rails where many have Died

while based on use

this very Neglected County Country Road ~ should be ~ a State Highway

as we spend more money on

Roads to Nowhere

while spending no money for a

Road to Everywhere

with signs along the Road that say

Share the Road

where there is no Road to Share

this very busy Road

that is used for many Public Events

is the

Worst Road to Everywhere


so what happened to the

Federal Funds Ear Marked for the Birdseye Road

and the Bond Funding Passed by the Voters

of the Birdseye Community

for Improvements of the Birdseye Road

that we are paying for

above and beyond

our Gas Taxes and Property Taxes and Income Taxes


Lewis and Clark County

spent the Voters Bond Money on 7 new Trucks

and gave Birdseye Road an overdue Chip and Seal

instead of Improving the Road

while the Majority of the Birdseye Community

receive very little for their Tax Burdens

other than the the worst road to everywhere

while the City of Helena Commissioners are Planing to

make this Dysfunctional and very Dangerous


that is:

the entry point to the worst Road to Everywhere

to make it ~

more Dysfunctional and Dangerous

~ to Benefit the Few with a Luxury ~


Bruce A. Kershaw ~ Proprietor


1400 Joslyn ~ Unit E

facing the intersection of

Joslyn Street ~ Leslie Avenue


Country Club Drive

About Bruce A. Kershaw

Born ~ March 27, 1956 at 11:10 pm Long Beach California other wise I'm still breathing O2 made from CO2 and eating food made from CO2 ~ the rest is Icing on the cake ~
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